Back to school hell


Since going back to school after Christmas, it has been an absolute nightmare getting Grace dressed, out of the house and to school. Even looking at her uniform sets her off in to a meltdown, the transition of it all has become too much for her – she has become super clingy to me and to our home.

Our mornings usually consist of lots of patience, giving Grace breaks in between breakfast, getting dressed, hair and teeth, shoes and coat. Getting Grace to leave the house usually takes a lot of coaxing – her tablet, promise of the park after school and letting her know who she will see, what she will be doing that day etc. But most of all, patience, if we rush her, then it will descend in to pure chaos.

Grace’s school is up a hill, so walking her up the hill and across the site can be SO tough, especially when she is fighting us. At first we thought it was the queuing up to get in the gate each morning, as she hates queuing, but we soon realised that even with walking her straight in, she was getting more and more upset.

Grace has never been too keen on transition, but over the last few months it has been really tough for her – and us. She struggles to get used to people in our home for long periods of time as she loves her own space and needs that quiet time, and she also struggles when we stay at our families homes in London, so we try to make it as relaxing and calm as possible for her.

Grace’s school has been absolutely amazing in helping us when it comes to bringing Grace in each morning. As she throws herself to the floor and fights us, they have let us carry her in to her classroom each morning – which is probably for the best, as she is small but so very strong, and I’d hate for her to injure someone or herself. As soon as she is in the classroom, she is usually fine straight away and has the best day, which is a little frustrating! Her teachers have also made some amazing visuals that specifically relate to her – such as pictures of her favourite things at school, her swimming, pictures of the teachers etc, as it helps us prepare her for what will happen that day.

This is all still a work in progress and a daily battle of finding what will work for Grace. She has such a great time at school, so it’s such a shame that she goes in so upset each morning. If we find what works best for her, we will be sure to let you all know!

Amy x  

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