New Foods Over Christmas

As many of you already know, Grace can be an absolute nightmare with foods! When she was around 2, she went from eating absolutely every food, to an extreme limited amount of foods, which felt like an overnight change. She went to the ‘typical’ foods associated with Autism, the beige diet.  

We go through bouts of trying to add to her diet, depending on her mood, sleep pattern and tolerance to change. I pre-empted doing this over Christmas, thinking it would be the perfect time, as there will be lots of new foods to try. Unfortunately, all did not go to plan…

In my previous blog, I spoke about us being ill over Christmas. Grace was a lot worse than me, and completely went off all her food and fluids for around a week – and even after that, toast seemed to be the favourite! She was also completely dysregulated which made it so much harder, as she just wanted her usual comforts, including the same foods.

We did manage to try a couple of new foods which I was so proud of her for attempting! We tried smoked salmon – I thought she would like this, as she seems to like strong flavours and had tried this years ago. It wasn’t a success, but that doesn’t mean we can’t try again, she may have just not wanted that flavour at that time.

We also tried Scrambled egg – which she absolutely LOVED! She ended up eating her own and then my egg too, which was amazing!

I tend to hide a lot of new foods in little homemade pizza wraps I make for Grace – so I attempted some Gammon. That was a HUGE hit – I think she is liking strong flavours and is very much a savoury child.  I think I got too brave, as I also tried this with little minute pieces of onion, this didn’t go down too well and she smeared most of it on her bedspread!

Now we’re back home and getting into her normal routine, I will be trying some more, but it will be have to be done when Grace is settled, as right now, she is so emotional and frustrated from not being able to express how she feels, I do not want to add to her stress.

I will keep you all updated with our journey!

Amy 😊

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