The 6 weeks holiday

For the most part, I really enjoyed the 6 weeks holidays with Grace, but I am so happy that it is over!

At the start of the 6-week holidays, we made our way to London to visit family – and I stupidly decided to give Grace a break on her Melatonin straight away! Between myself and my mum, we were super sleep deprived and the routine I had with Grace went completely out the window! On top of that, she was completely unsettled as she had finished pre-school, come to London, and then stopped her medication – looking back I was so silly to do that – but we learn! That was a really hard time, I don’t do well on very little sleep and Grace was having a lot of tantrums (not meltdowns) and was being a little madam – we went through the ‘no’ phase and it really only applied to anything I said or was trying to do, she didn’t want to be around me at all, that was tough.

I made It my mission during the 6 weeks to keep Grace as busy as possible, as if she does not get completely worn out during the day, then you can guarantee she will not sleep at night and be super hyperactive.

We did so many activities Grace loves, such as singing, dancing, long walks, feeding the ducks and of course, the paddling pool! We of course, had the biggest heatwave during the holidays, so we spent a lot of time outdoors enjoying the sun – Grace has always been a water baby, but she really enjoyed the paddling pool – she did not even mind the crowds! For Grace, she finds the water super relaxing, and it is definitely a calming influence on her – she spent the majority of the time in there pouring the water and watching it splash, or laying on her back, with her ears underneath and listening to the water splashing around.

We also went on a sleepover to her Paternal Nanny’s house – she loves her little bedroom there and can stim away to her hearts content on her bed. She even made her Grandad play the guitar so she could dance to it. Both Nannies are completely mad with her and spoil her loads, so she had a fab time wherever she went!

During the 6 weeks, Grace’s speech came on massively – we were all so shocked as it just seemed to have come out of nowhere. I am not sure if it was because she was around us more, or just had a massive developmental spurt, but she was coming out with SO MANY new words, and was actually using them in context, which was something she had never done before. She was actually beginning to tell us what she wanted, such as ‘juice’ ‘hungry’ ‘swimming pool’ – it was so lovely to hear, and she has the cutest little voice!

Now we are back home and getting back into our old routine of things – I am just as bad as her for a routine, so I am glad we are back to it and getting ready for school on the 8th – I know me, and Nick will be in tears that day!

Overall, it was amazing spending such a long time with Grace and really building on our bond, but wow, I am ready for her to go to school and be around other children – it will be so good for her!

Thank you for reading!

Amy x

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