The Holiday Season

I usually try to keep everything light-hearted when I talk about our home life – the last thing you all need is another mum moaning! But this holiday break was tough!

Grace ended up missing the last 2 days of school as she caught that dreaded flu that was going around, which she lovingly passed to me too! We still ended up travelling to London to see my mum, as she usually loves it there and spent the first 2 years of her life living there, so knows it so well. NOT THIS TIME!

From the moment we got there, she decided that she didn’t like the dog – we’ve had the family dog for over 10 years, so she is absolutely familiar with her, and they used to be so close when we lived there. So, every time the poor dog went within 10 feet, it descended into meltdown territory.

As she was so ill, she decided to stay in bed all over Christmas! We felt absolutely AWFUL! But every time we went in to see her, she’d usher us out and scream no – she very much wanted to be alone, which is her usual response to being ill. In true Gracie style, she opened no presents, so this time we put them in a huge box and just let her investigate when she wanted to – it didn’t take long. She also had no Christmas dinner – something that I’ve never forced on her, as there is absolutely no point – instead she opted for toast.

Just as the holiday season was coming to an end, Grace was starting to get over the never-ending flu but WOW the delayed terrible 2’s hit us like a ton of bricks! I thought we were lucky and managed to avoid it, but no – bring on the tantrums over the wrong crisps, not knowing what she wants and struggling with emotions all together. Mixed with being Non-verbal and having ASD, this is exacerbated by 100!

I will be completely honest – I was so glad for Grace to get back to school, and I think she was too. As it’s mainly me and Grace everyday (poor Nick is a night worker!) we both need the routine as much as each other, and without it, I think it puts us both on edge. So, together we were just irritating each other and really needed the structure back in our lives. Plus, Grace is a home bird, and was really struggling being away – lesson learnt!

Coming home, I was optimistic, but she was SO excited to be home that she just couldn’t sleep. Even with her Melatonin, she was having bedtimes of 3am. The dysregulation was so bad she even had night terrors again! We’re slowly getting there, we will get back to our routine!

Overall, it was a stressful trip, but we still managed to make the most of it – we went to our favourite places we used to go when she was a baby, we cuddled & watched Frozen 400 times, we sang and had fun when we could. Grace even tried new foods – there is a blog on that to follow.

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