About Us

We are Nick & Amy, a couple who are trying to navigate their way through parenting a child with ASD, GDD and PICA. Since our daughter Grace was diagnosed at the age of 2 in 2021, we have tried to educate ourselves and find the best strategies that work for our daughter. Amy is currently studying for a Level 3 accreditation in Autism Awareness and has a background in Animal Care and Business Management. Nick has a background in Security.

In early 2022, Amy decided that in order to focus on Grace and give her the attention she needed without a high-pressure work environment, she would leave her job and thus, Grace’s Goodies was born!

We have such love and a passion for our daughter and want to ensure we do the best by her in every aspect – this has meant educating ourselves as much as we can, researching tirelessly and working our butts off to provide different sensory stimuli etc, which is frustratingly expensive! Our aim is to try and lower the cost of special needs toys and activities and to make it affordable for all families.

While on our journey, we found that like many other parents, we found the world of ASD and parenting a child with Special Needs daunting and Lonely. We are the first to say that we are by no means experts in children with ASD, Asperger’s or any other different abilities, we just want to give back to parents who may be struggling, provide strategies that could work for other children and quite frankly, have a successful business that we can work around our daughters ever growing needs.

Our aim is to not only provide sensory toys, activities and stimulation to children, but also provide support and a community for parents too! Our website contains tips on (but not limited to) meltdowns, sleep issues and teeth cleaning – issues we have dealt with ourselves!

We hope you like our packages and website – we are continuously learning and bettering our understanding of our daughter and children’s different abilities, so please bare with us!

Our love and support always,