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Grace's Goodies

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This pack includes: 

- About me booklet - 

Our A4 booklet is a great tool to give to new caregivers, educational settings and family. Includes Likes & Dislikes, My Routine, My Achievements and more! 

The purpose of this booklet is for others to find out crucial information about a child or young person with high support needs in a short time-frame. It could be used by a new support worker at home, staff at a short-term break service, a learning assistant or teacher at school or a nurse if the person has had to be admitted into hospital. 

- Days of the week activity sheet - Benefits of your child learning the days of the week: 

It is a great introduction to time. If they are able to understand what happens in a day and can sequence events in the right order, and they can understand language like yesterday, tomorrow, today, next week, last week correctly then they will have a solid foundation when it comes to learning how to tell the time later on. It is also useful for them to have this understanding as it also helps them to understand story sequences and order events in a story.

- x1 Fidget Spinner - Benefits of having a fidget toy: 

- Help relieve stress and anxiety 

- Help process difficult sensory experiences 

- Improves focus 

- Helps provide stimulatory input 

- Helps develop fine motor skills and tactile awareness 

- Helps provide concentration and develop visual perception skills